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"Batavia Why Not Freshen Up Your Oriental Rugs, Make Them Sparkling Clean And Get Back The Fresh Smelling The Rugs You Deserve?"

Plus you'll protect your investment and feel good too!

Why should you clean your Oriental rug with a skilled Batavia company who understands how to clean and treat your rug with the respect you need?

Because not all Batavia carpet cleaners will clean your rug correctly.

In fact most company will just rinse it from the top surface and charge you an arm and never get the dirt deep down in the fibers. Is that what you want? If not...

Hire Us... If You Want...

A clean Oriental rug, loose rug, even
area rugs cleaned by a Batavia firm you can trust.

Here's the quickest way to get it done.

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Because You Deserve More!

Here are just a few of the steps will will take when you have us clean your rug.

  We remove as much dry soil as possible. This is a key step to cleaning it directly.
  Then will Vacuum the rug until we see no more soil coming from the rug.
  Now we'll clean it with the lastest techiques that not only will clean the top fibers, but will clean all side including the backing.

But What If My Pet Has Peed On My Rug?

We created a special underwater techique that will break down the urine, deodorize it and clean it completely.

Now the question is....

Why should you settle for less?
you no longer have to deal with half cleaning again. Hire us and you'll get the sparkling clean Oriental rug cleaning ever.

What Should You Do Now...

Hire Batavia's Oriental Wool Rug Cleaning Experts Today! And You'll Feel As Happy
As She Is...
iron burn woman

Call us and we'll schedule a pickup or you can save and bring the rug in yourself. (By appointment only).

Here's my number 630-922-1622

Whether your pet peed on your rug or it just needs a thorough cleaning call now while it's fresh on your mind.

You'll feel good you did and your rug will look and smell better too.

Here's Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process...

The Inspection phaze
  Oriental Rug Inspection This is the initial stage. We check for any concerns and make the best recommendation for cleaning.  
Removing loose soil
  Dusting is the second step. You'll be amazed at how much soil and oriental rug can hold.
Thoroughly Cleaning Your Rug
Now we submerge the your rug to clean and clean it on "all sides" This assures that your rug is now completely cleaned from the front and the back sides. This helps to reserves your rug for a lifetime. Even clean the fringes...

Now Gently Drying Your Rug

  Now we dry your rug and under controled conditions to assure that the look and feel stays the same, less the soil and odor.  
The Final Steps...
  Now we groom rug to prefection.
Bringing out it's beauty so you
can show it off in that special area in your home.

Then we'll do a final inspection to assure your wool rug cleaned up well.

Call us now this is the care you want for your oriental rug needs.


Your Oriental Wool Rug :: Area Rug & Loose Rug Specialist

SpeedyVac Oriental Rug Cleaning:
Call Now: 630-922-1622

Andre's that all sounds good, but what I have odor And Stain Problems?

Fair Question.

Here's what I say to that....
Hire Us And You'll...

Say Goodbye To Pet Odor And Stains
For Good!

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"savings coupons" Below...
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Then schedule your appointment today!
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When You Call

How Can You Do That?

t's because pet odor and stain removal is our specialty.

We've spent over 15 years studying and developing specialize techniques and agents to get results fast.

In our arsenal we have a specialized cleaning agent designed to loosen up the urine salts that attaches itself to the fibers of your rug.

This is the main source of the smell.

Then we submerge your rug in this unique solution, let it set overnight. And the results...it removes "all" the subborn urine salts which is the souce of the urine odor.

Then we'll monitor your rug during the entire process, this assures the urine odor and stains are completely gone upon completion of our process.

If you need these type of results call us and we'll bring your rug back to life and free them of stains and odor for good!

That sounds good. But what if I want my rug to be sealed and protect from future
staining and odor.

We can seal it using the latest wool rug sealants.
It will give you a long lasting seal and the peace of mind knowing that your rug is protected.

That sounds good, but what if I want to resize or cut down my rug or fix some area that's in bad shape.

Call me and we'll discuss your concern and we'll tell you want may need to be done, give you the best recommendations and we'll decide together what the next steps should be.

Now the choice is simple...
Why put up with a soiled, smelly or stained up rugs when you can get the results you deserve. When all it takes is simple call.

Here's What You Should Do Now...

Dail us now and you'll get free friendly advice, all your question answered and more. Here's my number 630-922-1622. Do it now while it's fresh on your mind.

Download my latest special By clicking on the "savings coupons" Below...
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Then schedule your appointment today!
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